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Painting allows us to capture the beauty of the living and the ones who have passed. I enjoy painting alongside my other artist patrons to enhance our skills. The one patron I spend the most time with is Leonardo Da Vinci. I call him a scientific mastermind with his style of painting and exploring the human anatomy, and he calls me Ludovico. We spend many days thinking and imagining new techniques for our artwork. With Leonardo being deeply fascinated with human anatomy, he has cut open a mere thirty human corpses to examine their organs and insides to comprehend how to correctly portray the anatomy of a painting. Sometimes I wonder if he does it for the accuracy of his paintings or if he secretly enjoys cutting corpses open for the gore and…show more content…
I asked him how this would even be possible considering the images are painted on a canvas. The people he paints do not have a brain, blood, or organs to function. Leonardo was determined to figure out a way to make his paintings of humans come to life. He could build them any way he desired. He tried making legs out of copper wires, and would fill the organs with plaster to make moldings.
For the next several weeks I would stop by to visit Leonardo. He had gone mad. Upon each visit his work space appeared disastrous. This was very unlike him in many ways. He had what seemed to be failing prototypes lying around. I asked him what this mess was all about. Leonardo said that he could not get the idea of a painting coming to life out of his head from our discussion a few weeks back. This real-life artwork would be a huge breakthrough in society. I knew in that moment that I wanted to be a part of the
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I did not dare walk home. I spent the night in the den of Leonardo's home. I found peace in the strong winds wailing and the rain rushing down the sides of the wooden frame of the house. I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up to the sun beaming in through the window. I stood up and stretched while making my way to open the curtains to bring in the natural daylight. I then noticed that our paintings were gone and so were the human corpses.
I ran upstairs to find Leonardo. He had already seen the mysterious mess. We did not think any more of it because it was possible the strong storm blew all of the work away. I was upset that the work was missing because they were still beautiful pieces of art. Suddenly, we hear rustling outside. It may possibly be a critter. Leonardo has a lot of critters roaming in his dense woods. Leonardo has traps set up to catch them. We heard a loud crash not too far from the home, followed by an "OOPS!". We rushed outside to see what had been caught in the trap.
What we came to find was not a critter at all, but a monstrous beast. The trap had been snapped onto its foot and the beast fell over into a thorn bush. The unknown creature was a mixture of earthy colors. It looked almost human like. We wanted to tame the creature and study was it

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