Leonardo Da Vinci: The Lady With The Ermie

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Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most famous artists of all time; he was an artist from the Italian Renaissance that changed the ways art was created. While Da Vinci was alive he had studied the human body, most say “he did not see a divider between science and art” (Leonardo da Vinci Biography., 2015). Da Vinci is known for his paintings, but most famously for the Mona Lisa. He was known as an artist to not finish his work; other artists would then have to finish his work while he moved some place else. The Lady with the Ermie isn’t a very popular painting of Da Vinci’s but it is one the world is aware about.

Leonardo painted The Lady with the Ermie, when “he was living in Milan, which was c. 1482-83. This painting has raised some arguments

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