Leonardo Da Vinci: The Renaissance Man

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The Renaissance was a time of reformation that started after the plague in the 14th and 15th centuries. During this time of rebirth, there was renewed interest in the famous Greek and Roman art. During this cultural time, there were numerous important people who played a big role in the Renaissance. Some examples are, William Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus, Johannes Gutenberg, Henry the VIII, and many more people. But the first person to remember is Leonardo Da Vinci and everything he did in the Renaissance. In fact, his incredible mind crossed so many disciplines that he was the perfect example of the term, “Renaissance Man”. Significantly, Leonardo Da Vinci had many professions such as a scientist, inventor, painter, architect, musician, writer, geologist, mathematician, and many more. Today, he is mostly recognized for two if his most famous paintings, the popular Mona Lisa, and the admired Last Supper. Da Vinci believed that art was undeniably connected with nature and science. He was highly self-educated and used secret notebooks to list his inventions, observations, and theories. There are unlimited facts that prove Leonardo Da Vinci was a great person of the Renaissance and after. Factually speaking, Leonardo da Vinci’s peasant mother and father who was an attorney and a notary, were never actually married, the one child they actually were parents to together was in fact, da Vinci. According to, http://www.history.com/topics/leonardo-da-vinci, Leonardo da Vinci
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