Leonardo Da Vinci's Impact On The World

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Engineering drawing is a technical drawing that communicates an idea or a design. It is one of the ways of communication between engineers. Engineering drawings use a variety of different tools to come up with beneficial sketches. In the past, the development of engineering drawing was extended to a great level by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest inventors of all time. Da Vinci has constantly had a massive impact on the world despite the fact that a substantial number of his inventions were not built during his life span. Da Vinci spent a great amount of time everyday sketching and preparing the diagrams of his inventions. During the past couple of decades, engineers have constructed a lot of da Vinci 's models and as …show more content…

Ever since he was little, da Vinci was very interested and inspired by the movement of birds. He observed and studied the movement of birds to gain ideas from them for his invention. By studying the movement of birds, he realized that humans will not be able to fly using wings attached to the arms since humans are much heavier compared to birds. Over time, Leonardo observed many patterns in the motion of a bird 's wing, which led to the aspects of his other interests. This analysis was taken into consideration when Leonardo was making his design for the ornithopter. Ornithopter is a device that allows humans to fly by flapping its wings in the air just like a bird. Based on several drawings of the ornithopter, the design featured a 2 winged airship powered by human strength. Each wing of the ornithopter exceeded 33 feet in opposite directions. The ornithopter was operated by pedaling a set of backpedals with an alternating leg motion. Also, the hand cranking system at the front would increase the energy produced, while the head harness operated both the rudder and the elevator allowing the pilot to

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