Leonardo Da Vinci's Influence On The Modern World

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“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” These are the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, a man who lived during the period now referred to as “The Renaissance” and is now physically gone. Many may argue that there are more modern inventors that have made an impact on our lives, such as the renowned inventor Thomas Edison. However, Leonardo Da Vinci, a man who lived centuries ago, lives on in our culture, from travel, to warfare, and even in our art. Therefore, Da Vinci may be considered the most prominent and influential inventor in history. The liveliness of his mind and thought, always in action, never to be sapped, because his ideas will continue to be innovated upon for centuries to come.
First, Da Vinci strongly influenced the development of travel. In today's modern lifestyles, we take for granted the access to machines used for transportation such as a car, plane, or boat. Although just recently put to use, the innovations and ideas of aviation, horseless wagons and better water vessels have been examined from the dawn of intelligent life on earth to just a few seconds ago. Leonardo Da
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“Leonardo and others worked out the laws of perspective, a new discovery.” (Cooper 22). In many paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci, perspective and a style called sfumato, or when it seems likes the figures in the illustration are in a three dimensional landscape, are displayed. In the painting, Mona Lisa “The woman looked as if she could come right out of the painting” The Mona Lisa is also remarkable because the half smile on her face puzzles viewers. Is she happy or mischievous? Amused or trying to be serious? Nobody knows. It could be all of them because of the way Leonardo painted the slight smile. We still enjoy the styles of the Mona Lisa and many other works of Leonardo Da Vinci
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