Leonardo Da Vinci's Influence

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Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci discovered density 400 years before scientists could explain it? Did you also know that Thomas Edison discovered “etheric force” which led to the invention of the radio? Although both of these men were geniuses in their own time, they are still remembered because of their impact on the world today. Leonardo Da Vinci, known as a great painter, also had a knack for inventing. “At age 30, he first explored his engineering talents and went to work as a military engineer for 17 years in Milan. He studied and designed war instruments such as tanks, catapults, submarines, machine guns, and other weapons”(Sniderman, “Leonardo da Vinci”). While most men and women believed Leonardo to be crazy he is now seen as an exceptional inventor and genius. In Leonardo 's scientific studies, Leonardo found out that the range of motion of a bird and of a human was the same, and if a human had wings, he would be able to fly. Leonardo decided that he wanted to be a bird, so he could fly. He tried to build machines that would help him get into the air. He designed many of these and has some astounding drawings in his many notebooks. He once bought a flock of birds at the market, just to watch them fly away to study their flight. He then tried to copy the wing…show more content…
He created a plethora of inventions and perfections including the movie camera, phonograph, electric generator, and the incandescent light bulb. In his 84 years of life, Edison gained 1093 patents. When Edison started to try to make the light bulb, when he saw the first model work for a second and then die, he said to himself that he would have given up. He said later that he was “afraid of things that worked the first time” (Hearst Magazines “Popular Mechanics”). Thomas Edison spent 13 months and $40,000 on his first light bulb, and later the strung light bulbs in Menlo Park and put on his firstlight
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