Leonardo Pisano Bigollo's Life And Accomplishments

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Leonardo Pisano Bigollo was a famous mathematician. Born on c.1175 and passed away on c.1240. He was famous for Fibonacci numbers, Leonardo was from the medieval era and was known by Fibonacci (nickname). He spread Arabic numbers to the west. Not a lot of things are known of Leonardo’s personal life, he studied calculations with an Arab master. Leonardo traveled to Provence, Greece, Egypt, Syria, and Sicily, where there he studied methods of calculation and numerical systems.
Leonardo Pisano Bigollo is known to be one of the greatest math mathematician during the middle ages. He discovered the Fibonacci sequence which appears that not a lot of people give him credit for. One if his main achievements was to help promote the use of Arabic and Hindu numeral system. Leonardo traveled and traded very extensively, trading was very important in the math industry, he developed his love for math in his youth. He studied in North Africa while growing up,
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Leonardo’s father gave him a choice whether to travel and to expand his knowledge. He chose to travel and continue to expand his knowledge Europe was introduced to the new recursive sequence by Fibonacci. Not only did Leonardo’s work impacted on the subject of math but as well on science, even though he only dealt with the sequence for a short amount of time other mathematicians made sure to pick up on the topic and learned more about it. For example French mathematician that goes by Francois Lucas in the nineteenth century he went into very specific detail in the Fibonacci sequence. Leonardo’s legacy will keep on going because of him Europeans discovered and started using new mathematical ways. Especially during the dark times where Europe was coming out and started to flourish and the trading stared
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