The Vengeful Spirit: A Short Story

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The Vengeful Spirit Far away from cities, roads and life, in a big gloomy dark castle, darkness had prevailed at a spine chilling place. A black castle was perpetually enclosed by lifeless forest that’s filled with dead plants and trees. Its atmosphere is cloudy by day and rainy and stormy by night. The gateway of the castle consists of a dull aisle with gloomy figurines surrounded by spiders’ web all over it. The dogs are all over the place and the garden is ridiculously dismal. Dust and insects on the steps were clear. Internally, castle walls had bats hanging on its corners. The chairs had been damaged by powderpost beetles, drywood termites and dry-rot fungi the blood was on the carpets and bones were scattered along a table. The height…show more content…
So she went to her room, screamed then hit her head with a bottle then she lost her consciousness. She retrieved awareness the next day, she was fine, the doctor came and tied her head and she was all good, she then started realizing her family was all gathered around her everyone was worried. Then William, her father said “E-Evaa? Are you okay? What on earth happened? Everyone was sleeping and then we heard you screaming… Who did this to you?” she then started crying her mother Stella hugged her and said “Oh please don’t cry just tell us who did this to you or at least tell us what happened” after a while she calmed down and then asked her father to have a private talk then Stella and Leo left the room William asked her to tell him what happened “Oh father please forgive me I never meant for any of this to happen…please it’s not my fault.” William said “honey calm down it’s just me and you please go on so I can avenge you” her face went red and she almost cried saying yesterday when I came back I went to my room and while changing my clothes Benjamin smashed the door angrily and he hit me with a glass bottle then he raped me brutally but I couldn’t do anything” William got very mad and he had wrath coming out of his eyes. He went down to get his carving knife then he took it and went to Benjamin’s room and he found him sleeping he grabbed his hair and slaughtered him. William then called for…show more content…
Benjamin’s spirit went to the forest and he entered Leo’s body. And then he went to Stella at the kitchen in Leo’s body whispering to Stella “Hey mom!” Stella freaked out when she heard her sons voice replied “Oh my god Leo you scared me!! my heart was in my mouth for a second.” then she turned around when she saw his face, she screamed with an extreme screeching sound “Leonardo!!!!??” his face was green and pale, full of wrinkles his hair was all white and he was gazing furiously his eyes were filled with black then suddenly he pointed to the Boiling pot then he rushed his hand to Stella’s head and in a glimpse the boiling pot soared and burnt all his mother’s skin, she suffered for at least 5 minutes then she
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