Summary Of America Needs Its Nerds

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In our society today, the terms “nerd” or “geek” are used derogatorily instead of used upliftinglyin an uplifting manner to those who are more serious about their studies or education. In today’s world especially, we are quick to judge based on appearance or what certain people’s interests may be instead of supporting them. In a passage from Leonid Fridman’s literary work titled “America Needs Its Nerds,” he discusses the present issue relating to “geeks” and “nerds” and the positive affect they could have on our nation if they are supported. Fridman expresses his stand on the issue through definition, contrast and appeal to emotion. The derogatory terms used to describe those who are academically and intellectually successful are very hurtful…show more content…
AsAS Fridman mentioned earlierearly in thehis passage, students who dedicate more of their time to studying rather than participating in sports or social activities are made to feel less than and not wanted. The U.S., as Fridman mentions, is one of the few countries where antianit-intellectualism is very high. Also, in more industrialized nations “a kid who studies hard is lauded and held up as an example to other students.” Using the effect of comparing our nation to that of others gives the audience the reality check that they need to understand the state in which our country stands. Fridman continues on to mention that those who are professors at universities around the world are “the most prestigious and materially rewarding positions,” but in America, we have athletes being paid more than the faculty at the best universities in the nation. What a comparison Fridman makes to show the struggles and disadvantages we have as a nation. Without knowledge, we will not be prosperous in the future, which is the point in Fridman’s title by naming the essaypassage by stating that “America Needs Its Nerds.” To end the passage, Fridman appeals to the audience’s emotions by asking the reader how we are supposed “to compete in the technology race or remainremian a leading political and cultural force in Europe” if parents want their kids to focus on sports and partying instead of studying. Fridman wants everyone to realize the danger this situationtopic is putting our country in and it needs to come to a stop for us to be a leading power once again. His tone is made known as being very assertive and passionate because he feels so strongly about the topic and is desperatelydesperatey calling for some sort of
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