Leonid Fridman's 'Geeks And Nerds'

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"Geeks" and "Nerds," do these terms sound well known to you? These are the terms we as often as possible utilization to put down a youngster who tries to think about truly hard so he/she can add to America. Be that as it may, have we ever considered may happen on the off chance that he/she is teased with those names over and over. To shield my point I might want to utilize an article, "America Needs its Nerds" by Leonid Fridman that discussions about how the keen individuals are put down because of their insight. He contrasts America and different countries, ended up being better in this circumstance. Hostile to intellectualism in our general public is developing and we have to convey it to an end or we don 't stand a chance in succeeding like…show more content…
What 's more, this all begins from rudimentary or center school. We once in a while have a youngster who will grow up to be the following Albert Einstein, yet have numerous kids in schools who will be Kobe Bryant or Ronnie Brown. This is on the grounds that a few youngsters in schools favor playing games as opposed to learning at home. They incline toward staying outside and mess around with companions as opposed to stay home watching Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. To put it plainly, they lean toward being socially dynamic. Be that as it may, geeks and nerds are totally inverse; they incline toward taking a shot at homework instead of playing games. They incline toward being separated from everyone else and not getting included in any social action. Furthermore, this sort of conduct is the fundamental motivation behind why geeks and nerds are most usually known as social untouchables or…show more content…
Since America is a hostile to intellectualist country, competitors are adored more than educators. In any case, in different nations like East Asia, educators are dealt with as Gurus. They are the ones who are adored. Truth be told they are set up as a case as opposed to put down or teased. To put it plainly, geeks and nerds are gazed upward to and bolstered so that their nation can progress. Educators ought to be revered more than competitors on the grounds that they are the ones furnishing us with learning and training that will be extremely valuable when we grow up. Competitors are enthralling, yet shouldn 't be revered or given credit each time they do well in a diversion. I mean giving them credit isn 't going to help us. Because of the general public 's generalizations, geeks and nerds are segregated, and teased. We have to have kids who will need to be the following Albert Einstein. We need folks to comprehend their kids, when they would prefer not to play sports. We together as America need to bolster these high insight individuals, so they can help us later on. The main answer for this issue would be the counteractive action of hostile to intellectualism values that are diffusing over our nation, or we don 't stand a possibility of succeeding like
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