Leonid Tafler Reflection

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The summer of 2016, I was lucky enough to volunteer at Dr. Leonid Tafler 's private practive of Family Medicine. Dr. Tafler is a DO physician, who performs osteopathic manipulation under anesthesia. He has been involved in research with this practice of manipulation under anesthesia, and has had many positive results; most of his patients report decreased, or no pain at all after this procedure. Being in Dr. Tafler 's office, I not only saw first hand how using one 's own body to heal themselves can be extremely beneficial, but I also saw how a DO physician treats their patients. Dr. Tafler was very kind to his patients, as well as culturally competent. Being located in Brooklyn, he has a diverse population of patients that trust him and have been seing him for…show more content…
This is the most diversity in the medical field that I have experienced, even including being an intern in the operating room at UHS Binghamton General Hospital. During the winter semester of 2015, I took an online medical anthropology class that truly opened my eyes to the fact that there are cultural differences in the medical field. This class inspired me to learn more about the cultural differences so that I can become a culturally competent physician like Dr. Tafler. Upon taking this class, I decided to become a biological anthropology minor, therefore, I have taken multiple classes that demonstrated the differences across cultures, including biologically. The semester I am currently in, fall 2017, I am enrolled in an anthropology course called Community and Public Health, where we learn about public health policies, as well has how health and medicine differ between different races, ethnicities, and communities. Thus far, I have learned that there
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