Leonid's Argument Analysis

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The author develops his argument by including fact,comparison, and real life situations that happen today. For example when the author said "many students are ashamed to admit to their friends how much they study." Thats a known situation because in society today, if someone wastes time studying, then they are considered a loser. I think Leonid Fridman's argument is to stand up for those nerds/geeks who are not being known for their accolades/achievements. The author includes pathos to persuade the audience to support his argument "there are very few countries in the world where anti-intellectualism runs as high in popular culture as it does in the the U.S." This statement makes the audience feel pity of our nation and gives us…show more content…
Leonid's uses a simple sentence to create a feel in lines 28-30 to show he is tired of the ways nerds are treated " enough is enough." Then follows up with this sentence , " nerds and geeks must stop being ashamed of who they are." This statement shows he is taking a stand for nerds and hoping that nerds will stop being ashamed of themselves. In conclusion, Leonid uses different methods to develop his argument, some are using effective diction,comparisons,pathos, and simple sentences to create affect and strengthen his argument on America needing nerds. Leonid includes a question at the end which was very effective in his argument because it will make the audience think that its time for a change. "How long can America remain a world class power if we constantly emphasize social skills and physical prowess over academic achievement and intellectual ability?" This persuades the audience in America because if they want their nation to be strong, they have to encourage nerds on what they do so nerds can grow up and help our economy on what they specialize
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