Leonidas Polk: Confederate General, Clergyman and Leader

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Leonidas Polk was born in April of 1806 and grew up in North Carolina. He came from a wealthy family (Leonidas Polk) who had a bloodline of generals in the Revolutionary War. Along with being tied to the University of North Carolina, his family also had connections at West Point Military Academy. Polk would later start his military career by joining West point, but would eventually become a pastor (HistoryNet). During Polk’s time at West Point he was training to become an artillery officer. At the end of his stay in West Point a religious revival came across the campus. It was during this revival where Polk realized his true calling, ministry. He finished his education at West Point and got a job as an artillery officer, but quit a few months later to enter seminary. By joining the seminary he ruined his father’s dream of the war hero bloodline continuing. This outraged his father to the extent that he bashed his own son when asked where he had been stationed (HistoryNet). Even though his father greatly disapproved of his choices, Polk’s career took off (HistoryNet). He first…show more content…
He had great confidence that the confederate’s would win against the union. Two other confederate generals that Polk was working with were Hardee and Johnston. The three of them got news that a section of their troops had a gap and were exposed to the union troops at Pine Mountain. The two other generals decided to check on the troops themselves and invited Polk to join them. On June 14, 1864 the three of them made their way to Pine Mountain. After telling their troops to fall back the union sharpshooter’s spotted them and shot off Mini balls. As the generals took off, Polk seemed to drag behind for an unknown reason, some say he was praying. During this time two more shots were fired, one striking polk and practically “splitting him in half.” The generals rushed to get him help, but it was to late, Polk was dead
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