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Leopard geckos have many interesting and unique characteristics and traits that help them survive in their environment. The leopard gecko is a member of the reptile taxon in the Animal Kingdom. Reptiles are egg-laying, cold-blooded, and have a backbone. Did you know that a leopard gecko can be almost a foot long?! In this paper you will learn about the leopard gecko’s environment, characteristics, traits, and functions.
Leopard geckos need a specific environment to ensure their survival. The leopard gecko can be found in Afghanistan, Northwestern India, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq. They can only be found in the U.S. for scientific reasons or captivity. Captivity is the condition of being imprisoned or confined. The leopard geckos’ natural habitat consists of arid regions, rocky deserts, and sparse grasslands, but avoid sandy deserts though. There are harsh conditions including soaring temperatures and weeks without food or water, leopard geckos have adapted to survive where other animals cannot. That is why it is easy to care for them and have them as pets. Our pet geckos in our classroom have food, water, shelter, heat, and space to play. We made our habitat like their own so it is easier to adapt to. I think we are maintaining them well so they can survive longer with the items leopard geckos need. The behavior of leopard geckos in their natural
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We have items inside the tank that are all useful for the leopard geckos. I think it is beneficial to have a habitat with leopard geckos if you treat them right. I believe that having one will help you get a better understanding about the organisms. If you observe them, you can also learn a lot and use an universal language. You can share new things about how they adapt and behave in their habitat versus in their natural environment and compare those two places. Having a classroom habitat is really awesome and fun to learn about and

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