Leopard's Oath Analysis

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The Leopard’s Oath tenants are as follows: act with compassion and respect; withhold judgment and seek learning; take civility into every environment; and embrace our history and lead our future. These tenants are moral guidelines that any person on Wentworth Institute of Technology’s campus should seek to abide by. One person in particular who I think abides by the Leopard’s Oath on campus would be a Junior in Mechanical Engineering named Edward Durfee, or Ted, as his friends call him. Ted is a resident assistant here at Wentworth for the freshman class living in Evans Way / Tudbury Hall. I believe that any resident assistant who facilitates the freshman class should be applauded. Resident assistants in your freshman year are a key stepping stone in becoming a knowledgeable and worldly student at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
By sojourning as a resident assistant for multiple semesters, Ted reflects the key tenants of the Leopard’s Oath. The first tenant, act with compassion and respect, Ted shows in his everyday actions. He adheres to the Wentworth code of conduct and makes sure everyone under him-- or rather, alongside him-- does the same. He is passionate about his major of Mechanical Engineering and is willing to jump out of his seat to help anyone
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Hearing his passion for this school is definitely something to be both amazed at and inspired by. I realized that being a part of the Wentworth Institute of Technology community is not only about using the abundant resources to better yourself, but it is also to promote growth in others by using those same resources. When choosing an action that will have any impact on another member of the Wentworth community, I need to take their account into consideration. By being a part of a community, I need to learn to help others, as well as help
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