Leorio-Personal Narrative

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Leorio had put together a rather long mental list of all the things he would have once he graduated from medical school, once all the hard work of studying was behind him and the big bucks started rolling in. Maybe it was classless of him, but if someone were to ask him, Leorio wouldn 't have felt the least bit embarrassed to brag about it -- because fuck it, who cared what other people thought? It was easy to judge when you 'd never had to struggle for every little thing you had, and Leorio going to damn well live it up. Besides the private jet, the swanky bachelor pad and the vacation home in Ochima, Leorio had often dreamed of the day he 'd walk into the nearest lot and drive off in a new car, and not just any car, but his dream car: a pearlescent white Cadillac with an all-leather interior and a wood grain steering wheel. Gods, Leorio could see it now. He was going to have a sunroof and fancy rims, vanity plates and a slammin ' stereo system, an engine that rumbled like low, distant thunder. And on his days off, he planned on cruising through the city -- preferably with a stacked brunette riding shotgun. Netero 's private airship was no Caddy, but Leorio had to admit, it was a pretty damn fine way to get…show more content…
Leorio stole a sidelong glance at the blond over the rims of his glasses, trying real hard not to be too obvious about it. They were sitting side-by-side with their backs against the wall, away from the worst of the snores and the smells, huddled under the same scratchy blanket. Kurapika had drawn his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, and in the dim lighting he looked almost small and vulnerable -- two things Leorio knew for a fact he wasn 't. Kurapika looked thoughtful, introspective, like he had a lot on his mind. The observation had Leorio stifling a snort because what else is new, but. He also looked tired, and Leorio couldn 't help wondering why the hell the guy hadn 't gone to sleep yet, even though he hadn 't closed his
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