Leprechaun's Short Story Essay: Big Red

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Once upon a time there lived a leprechaun, you know, the kind that protect a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. This leprechaun was very short, small, and was only about thirteen years old. He had bright red hair and always wore a green hat with a gold buckle on it to match his green outfit. He was a very friendly, talkative leprechaun who was named Big Red. Big Red had been protecting his own pot of gold since he turned ten, which was about three years ago. All the animals knew to not even think about stealing gold from Big Red because it was impossible. He was very good at his job because he never left his pot of gold, until one day. “Just another successful day on the job, protecting my gold from anything that comes near it!” Big Red…show more content…
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Big Red apologized to her. “I heard you crying. Are you okay? I mean, beside the fact you’re a polar bear living in the desert.” he asked. “Well, not really. You see I’ve lost my mom and dad.” she answered trying to dry her tears. “Oh. How did you end up in a desert all the way out here?” Big Red wondered. “I’m not really for sure. I was out wandering around when a blizzard hit. I couldn’t see anything, but I wanted to go home. I turned around to head home, but as I kept walking I just felt the temperature rising and rising, until I got here.” she responded as she started to cry again. “Well don’t cry.” Big Red said comfortingly. “You see I just lost my pot of gold along with the rainbow that could lead me to it, but it isn’t the end of the world.” he continued. “I can help you find your family back. All we have to do is find my rainbow back. Then we can climb to the top to see if we spot your family.” Big Red suggested. “Really, you would do that for me?” she murmured. “Of course, but what is your name?” he asked. She answered, “It is Cuddles.…show more content…
He helped me find you guys.” Cuddles explained. “Hi,” Big Red said after Cuddles introduced him. “Thank you so much for helping us find our Cuddles back. We are very grateful,” interrupted her parents. “Although we hate to have to leave so soon, we must be getting back to the other polar bears. Are you ready Cuddles?” “Can I have a minute to say goodbye to Big Red?” asked Cuddles. “Of course,” they replied. As Cuddles and Big Red went off to talk in private, Big Red started saying his goodbye first. “You know i’m really going to miss you. It was fun getting to know you, Cuddles.” “I agree, and i’m really going to miss you too.” Cuddles said as she gave Big Red a hug. “You know this doesn’t have to be the end of our friendship. Let’s make a promise to each other.” Big Red suggested. “Like what?” asked Cuddles. “A promise that no matter what we will always be the desert buddies,” Big Red replied. “You know I like that. Let’s shake on it.” Cuddles responded. After Big Red and Cuddles shook on being desert buddies forever, they both headed their separate ways. Although they both went their separate ways, they will always remember the journey they had together and their promise to one

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