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The False Accusation of an innocent man Leroy Orange puts him onto Death Row. Leroy Orange and his half brother Leonard Kidd were accused for the murder of 4 people, who I will go into more depth later. From a corrupt cops torture Orange to the verge of death. Leroy Orange was accused of Charges of murders, concealment of homicidal death and aggravated arson. The crime happened on January 12, 1984 at an apartment,1553 West 91st Street in Chicago. Orange and Coleman were going to trade an appliance with Kidd for cocaine. They then smoked it and Orange called his Half-brother Kidd because he was having troubles with a guy called Ricardo Pedro. They then got into a fight and stabbed him and tied him up. He smoked more cocaine and stabbed Pedro again. He then tied up Jointer and tried to tie up Coleman. Coleman insisted doing it herself and then Orange tied her up. Kidd and Orange set fire to the apartment and left the scene. Orange said he was at a friends…show more content…
This apparently had to be the only evidence needed because they sent Orange to Death Row and Kidd got the same Conviction. He spent 15 years on Death Row 10. He was close to being executed. The people on “nodeathpenalty” Strongly say that Orange didn’t receive a fair trial he told the jury about the torture and interrogation that happened to him but still lost. Chicago Police slapped, suffocated and electrocuted to get answers. Theses Corrupt Police did the same to Kidd. This Court case was mainly based on the corrupt police rather than the murders at first. They tortured Orange for a total of 12 hours before he “confessed” so the torturing would stop. The Chicago’s Police force is still trying to cover it up till this day. “Nodeathpenalty” Believes that the court system needs to go into depth into the Chicago Police Department and charge them for torturing an innocent

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