Lautreamont De Valedictor Analysis

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Introduction: Beauty in the unexpected “Beauty in the chance encounter on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella” was extracted from a nineteenth-century text: Lautreamont’s Les Chants De Maldoror , seeks to use the jarring representation between 2 distinct objects that appears to have no distinctive relationships to create a sense of shock and disturbance. By using linguistic means and illustrative clues, surrealism guides the viewer to appreciate art and beauty in an intriguing manner, not giving exact answers but rather to probe at the validity of reality, traditions and the ideal of beauty. Conventional educated analysis no longer serves as a crutch for art appreciation but the element of surprise questions the whole idea of rationalism as well as idealised beauty. In the subsequent paragraphs I will…show more content…
For example in “The persistence of memory” we view this artwork as “Beautiful” not only because of the vivid colours that the colours appears to resonate but rather it is the underlying annotation that strikes a sense of familiarity with the viewer. In many paintings of Dali, symbolism becomes a common tool in which he relates to the viewer. In “The persistence of memory” ants was seen crawling across the melting clocks, symbolising the idea of decay and decomposition, which ties in with the melancholic atmosphere of the artwork as time appears to drains and melt away with the very “time” the clocks are recording. This simultaneous melting clocks and ants digesting the clock, and the insipid waters instil a sense of unnatural stillness that appears frozen in time. Moreover the desert grounds add on to this overbearingly hot environment which we can almost feel transported into the painting and thus being able to envision the physical loss of time in a physical
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