Les Miserables Courage

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Courage represents the ability to do something which frightens one. Courage has many forms. All types of courage come down to one thing, sacrifice. In the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, there are many examples of the different types of courage. The characters show strength in the face of pain and grief. In their world where prison time kills, the poor people are giving up hope on their lives, and a revolution is beginning to occur. The hope for a better world takes an open mind and the strength to pursue change. Although overcoming emotional and spiritual obstacles results in an extremely strong person, it requires the little things to truly be courageous.
To be strong, you need to have the power to do the physically demanding tasks necessary.
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Physical courage depends on physical strength. A weak person is rarely physically courageous. But the ripped people are seen as physically courageous. Physical courage exists when a stranger or a friend is struggling and needs assistance. Moral courage belongs to an honest person. Even a physically weak person can have moral courage. The combination of both moral and physical courage signifies a winner. This combination stands for bravery. A person possessing physical courage may be able to save a victim from drowning or burning, by jumping courageously into the scene of accident. This sounds familiar in comparison of Jean Valjean.
For example, bravery institutes another branch of courage. Bravery exists as a highly preferred behavioral trait, it fuels the world. It continues to be a trait sought after in all people. Brave people are honored with their stories being taught to others. The sacrifices, and the bravery of Martin Luther King Jr. along with Winston Churchill and Rosa Parks not only got their names in history books, but let them change history for the good. Courage and glory may not always lead to a glorious life, but they may lead to people talking for the rest of
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