Jean Valjean In Les Miserables

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Imagine getting put in jail for nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread. This is what Jean Valjean had to experience. Jean Valjean, the main character of Tom Hooper’s drama Les Miserables, gets out of prison, where he was put for stealing a loaf of bread, at the beginning of the movie. After being told that he’d be let out of jail, his dreams of living a normal life were utterly shattered within a couple seconds. This happened because Javert gave him a slip of paper marking him as a ‘dangerous’ man. He also told him he’d need to meet with a parole officer frequently. Then Valjean steals candlesticks and is let off the hook, after which he rips up the letter and breaks parole, and after five years, he becomes the mayor of the town where Javert is an inspector. After witnessing the mayor’s incredible strength, Javert begins to suspect Valjean. Valjean promises to himself that he’ll look after Fantine. This eventually leads to Javert asking Paris to investigate whether or not the mayor is Valjean. After Paris tells him that he is not, Javert confesses to Valjean. When another man is convicted of being Jean Valjean, however, Valjean confesses. After this, he goes to help Fantine, and Javert shows up. Valjean tells…show more content…
This is because at first he stole a candlestick from someone who had just taken him in when no one else would. Later in Les Miserables, Valjean gave up his life to save a completely unknown to him man who was innocent. This all shows the immense change that Jean Valjean underwent as a person. This is an important thing because when people watch this movie, they will be inspired to change their own selfish ways. If Jean Valjean can become good, why can’t they? If enough people watched this movie, it could have an enormous societal impact, making more people that are evil in some way to change that about themselves, and become
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