How Did Les Miserables Change Valjean's Life

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Les Miserables, a movie produced by Columbia Pictures and written by Victor Hugo, stars Liam Neeson, and Geoffrey Rush. During this movie and throughout the book the antagonist, Valjean, appears as a caring, and selfless man, who loves others and puts them first. Valjean wasn’t always an outstanding man. During his life, Valjean withstood many hardships and difficulties, putting his morals to the test. Liam Neeson does a great job showing the passion of Valjean for Cosette, Fantine, his work, and for others. Valjean’s look on life and attitude completely changes from the start of the story line until the end, regardless of his circumstances. In the story, Valjean, knowing what is right, he figuratively gives his life to save an innocent man because he knows he was the one at fault.…show more content…
He served 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread because he was starving. While in prison, he met many other inmates that he started to build relationships with, both good and bad relationships. During his time in prison, he wasn't liked by many people, including the inmates and prison guards. Valjean was almost killed by his cell mates, but he escaped death on multiple occasions. In the movie Valjean said “ I was a dirty wretch like these men here” talking about his ex-cell mates. Valjean grows to become a great man throughout his life. His journey starts out in a odd way. Being released from prison, Valjean finds himself struggling yet again to find food and shelter. Bishop Myriel was a well-know name in town, for his generosity and his Godliness. While Valjean is out roaming the streets looking for his next meal, a man tells him about the kind-hearted Bishop down the street. Hungry, Valjean knocks on the Bishops door, hoping for the best. A genuine white smile opens the door, welcoming Valjean into his home, greeting him w a hardy “how are you doing this
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