Les Miserables Reflection

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Les Miserables, a movie produced by Columbia Pictures and written by Victor Hugo, stars Liam Neeson, and Geoffrey Rush. During this movie and throughout the book the antagonist, Valjean, appears as a caring, and selfless man, who loves others and puts them first. Valjean wasn’t always an outstanding man. During his life, Valjean withstood many hardships and difficulties, putting his morals to the test. Liam Neeson does a great job showing the passion of Valjean for Cosette, Fantine, his work, and for others. Valjean’s look on life and attitude completely changes from the start of the story line until the end, regardless of his circumstances. In the story, Valjean, knowing what is right, he figuratively gives his life to save an innocent man…show more content…
Until he heard a noise, and went to investigate the strange sound. Walking into the dining room he sees his silverware setting out on the table. The bishop turns around finding Valjean peering into his eyes. Acting out in the situation Valjean knocks out the bishop and leaves with his silverware. Leaving the bishop unconscious with a black eye. Waking up the next morning Bishop Myrial finding his silverware and Valjean gone. The sun rises on another day and Valjean finds himself in handcuffs yet again . Lying to the police he says that the bishop gave him the silverware to take with him on his journey. Being dragged back to the bishops house Valjean finds the bishop in front of his house in his garden, with a blackened eye and an angry wife. Bishop Myrial immediately demands his release. Awe-struck the officers follow out in the Bishops commands. He the asks his wife to fetch his silver candle sticks to give to Valjean, saying that he gave permission to Valjean to take the silverware and that he must have forgotten to take the candle sticks. With tears almost running down Valjeans eyes he is in shock that the Bishop showed him mercy after all he has done to him. That small act of kindness completely changed Jean Valjean’s life. “Im giving you back to God” That small act of Mercy changed Valjean to become an honest and caring man, full of
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