The Role Of Homosexuality In Public Tv

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How do gays and lesbians get differently treated in public television?

Even though that gays and lesbians are both homosexual people, they are differently treated in the public television. The image created from the media changes the audience 's view on lesbians and gays in their everyday lives. The differences can be made very clear and this chapter is about the separation and pigeonholing of both gay and lesbian behaviour, social appearance and how they get represented in public television. Nevertheless, is it still a difference nowadays if the characters are either represented in a movie or in the general public television the audience watches in their everyday lives.

Lesbian appearances in the mainstream media were mostly aggressive, butch or unhappy characters formerly. Nowadays lesbians got a very different kind of image such as glamorous, young and ultra-feminine (Hodkinson, 2011). As stated in Tropianos The prime time closet: a history of gays and lesbians on TV (2002) the character of Marjorie represented by Lynn Redgrave says in the movie My Two loves that they “don 't all wear black leather and ride a Harley Davidson”. This statement gives an utterly example that the presented average lesbian in movies or series is not just a prejudice against them on television, but also in the audiences daily life.
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It makes no difference whether it is a TV presenter or a character in a movie or series. However, the staging of homosexual characters in former times differs to the way they get staged nowadays. The homosexual appearances used to be more like an accidental affair or a one-time experience. These days, series and movies have one or sometimes even more actual gay main characters to attract their homosexual audience. This might be either in a series or movie for an adult audience or also in teenager series, which use this platform to include a gay

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