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Bret Easton Ellis is an American author, screenwriter, and short story writer Ellis made his breakthrough at age 21 with the bestseller Less Than Zero, a novel about wealthy young people in Los Angeles. He was best known for his novel the American Psycho. The American Psycho is a thriller story, directed toward those who are looking for an enticing story based on the life of a stockbroker who works on wall street named Patrick Bateman. To many Patrick Bateman lives the ordinary lavish life of a New York stockbroker among his Fiancée and Colleagues who do similar activities as his such as work out and discuss today’s topics while eating at five star restaurants or attend famous night clubs in the New York scene. Little do his friends know by night Bateman is a serial killer who takes joy in what he does, feeding off the energy of the weak. Ellis does very well at making readers second guess what he is…show more content…
Ellis’ use of certain devices makes reading the novel very exciting and engaging. The novel itself isn’t written in a regular style, each chapter is not numbered but almost written in a journal format allowing characters to further connect with Patrick making it seem as though we are reading his daily thoughts, this is done by naming each chapter based on the location or the people involved in that certain chapter. I would defiantly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a well written, exhilarating plot including many twists and turn throughout the story. Along with the amazing plot the story has a great lesson to be learned revealed at the end of the story in which the main character, Patrick Bateman, had to learn in a series of crazy events that led to a psychopathic

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