Lesson 15 Review Essay

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Lesson 15 Review Questions

1. What type of lighting (specify the wavelength) should you use in housing for a reptile? Why is it important to provide this type of lighting, what conditions occur with improper lighting?
Reptiles are in need of specific lighting for their cages. A housing environment should have a wavelength of 290 to 320 nanometers to ensure they are properly cared for (Chapter 74, Reptiles). This is important to provide since this is how the reptiles can keep their skin healthy (Chapter 74, Reptiles). Without this type of lighting a reptile may need more Vitamin D because they are not getting the proper sunlight (Chapter 74, Reptiles). Also, it can be dangerous if the animal does not get its proper sunlight.

2. Reptiles
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Each reptile species requires a specific moisture / humidity level, what can happen if there is too much or too little moisture / humidity?
If not enough moisture is present then an animal can suffer from dehydration, dry skin and skin problems (Chapter 74, Reptiles). If there is too much moisture then a reptile can suffer from skin infections (Chapter 74, Reptiles).

4. Are reptiles sold in pet stores mostly bred in captivity or taken from the wild? What are some of the reasons so few of these animals survive transportation to pet stores? Even if they do survive this transportation, many still risk dying. Why is this?
They are mostly captured in the wild and then taking to the pet stores. The reasons they are so few is because they are treated basically as a luggage object not as an animal (Humane Society). They risk dying because of the psychological distress that they go through to get into the pet store (Humane Society).

5. Your friend Kathy is thinking of buying a pet reptile for her young daughter from a pet store. She tells you that the pet store employee told her that these animals are easy to care for and pose no health risks for her child. Using your knowledge from ANSC 207, explain to her some of the reasons getting a pet reptile may not be such a good idea. Consider the unique care requirements for these animals as well as the potential health risks that come with handling
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