Lessons Can Be Learned In 'Crabbe' By William Bell

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Crabbe is a book created for young adults written by William Bell. Bell had created lessons that can be learned in the story for the young adult readers. When one reads Crabbe, one reads about the problems Franklyn Crabbe had with his life and how he deals with it. The lessons presented are created from problems he would of had or did have. Three lessons can be learned from the novel. One lesson is to not let others control your life. Another lesson is letting people help one’s self. The final lesson is to limit the amount of alcohol one consumes. Firstly, a lesson learned from reading the novel, is that one should not let other people control one’s life. Franklin leaves his home life because his life was being controlled by his school, and his parents. Franklyn did not let his rich parents make his life choices for him. Franklin Crabbe feels very strongly about his independency, and this is portrayed by running away into the wilderness. When he misses his final exam, his parents talk the school into letting him pass. This is an example as to how excessive his parents are about Crabbe following their dreams. If he did follow everything his parents wanted him to do, he would become a non-independent thinker. Crabbe was becoming depressed for he was not enjoying life. Crabbe was depressed because when his parents planed out his whole life, he did not want to do those things and wanted to portray that he is independent. Also, if Crabbe did follow the plans, they would have high
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