Lessons From The Assembly Line Analysis

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Some lessons from the Assembly Line by Andrew Braaksma is an article describing the authors motivation for taking school seriously. In his article Braaksma, identifies the work he chooses to carry out during summer months to be utter "torture" compared to campus life. Although he describes the jobs in such manner he admits he learns valuable lessons from his experience as well as his temporary coworkers who often remind him to keep studying. Braaksmas article is an excellent piece to read when you find yourself slacking in your studies. The point is clear in which Braaksma is conveying. Take your education seriously or get used to blue collar living. Low pay, Long hours, and hard work for the rest of your life or a few years in college to study…show more content…
In the reading of the text Braaksma is determined to get others to understand his view on blue collar work and college life. In his article Braaksma identifies factory work with torture while characterizing college with vivacious words such as lush and cavernous. “For a student like me who considers any class before noon to be uncivilized, getting to a factory by 6 o'clock each morning, where rows of hulking, spark-showering machines have replaced the lush campus and cavernous lecture halls of college life, is torture.” (5) As I reflect on my previous work experiences, college life was a regular daydream for me. Although, my intentions prior to finishing high school were to go to college, life, had a surprise for me in the form of a baby girl. Often, even now that I’m an online student I find myself wondering, how cool it would’ve been to enjoy the life as a college student? The atmosphere and football season really had my gears yearning for the experience single-handedly. Instead of taking my fancies seriously, I managed to become the employee who settled for “6 o’clock mornings”, endured twelve, sometimes sixteen hour days to eventually pick-up a check not worth cashing after Uncle Sam received his
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