Lessons From The Demon: A Reflection On The Screwtape Letters

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Lessons from the Demon: A Reflection on the Screwtape Letters

The knowledge we gain from Screwtape shows that the demons exploit methods of psychological warfare. Two main lessons on this particular warfare will be extracted from Screwtape’s messages. They include deception as well as what I call the ‘deadly triage’. Deception is a tactic which speaks volumes in and of itself and thus requires no introduction. The ‘deadly triage’ on the other hand is an obscure term which is comprised of three weapons: suffering, fear, and libel. This paper will focus on explaining these tactics in order to make us better aware of evil.

Lesson 1: Theatricality and Deception

Right off the bat, C. S. Lewis proposes the fundamental technique used by the demon Screwtape. In the preface Lewis tells of the mortal errors which can lead humanity into damnation. He states that it is disbelief in existence of demons. Therefore, we see deception as one of the primary characteristics of Screwtape. Lewis attributes deception as a central tactic used by demons to win over the human souls. The devil realizes that he needs to establish different forms of theatricality and deception. Otherwise, human choices will lead man to God. Deception likewise creates an obvious irony in The Screwtape Letters. This lie has doomed the demons to consume and distrust one another. The predatory relationship between Screwtape and Wormwood bears testament to this. We will investigate how deception and its results

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