Lessons In The Long Run Analysis

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The writer’s thesis is effective because parents should decide the decisions for their children when they are young for one reason; so that they don’t look back at their past and regret not doing something they think they should have done. When you are young, you have trouble making the right decisions that will possibly benefit you in the future.
The author has used experience to support her thesis (balance) considering that she is a parent of 2 sons, that is making decisions for them as she states in the essay that “Opinions in the long run, are what lessons are for” interpreting that lessons make you learn from your mistakes resulting in making better choices in the future.
The author has the credentials and background that enables her to discuss the thesis with some authority for the reason that she is an essayist, columnist, author, and teacher. A few reviews and feature stories she has written have appeared in numerous newspaper such as the very famous ones; The New York Times, and Washington Post. Phyllis is also a graduate of Manhattanville College, with a B.A. in Philosophy
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An example of comparison in the essay would be the differences between the parent wanting to take piano lessons as a child and the daughter not wanting to take piano lessons. As the parent states in the essay “Once I discovered the sound that three fingers simultaneously placed on the right keys could produce, I longed so loudly and consistently for piano lessons…” meaning, she was so amazed by the sound the piano made that she could not resist not taking piano lessons. Whereas the daughter was the opposite as it states “My daughter thinks that I am cruel, that I don't understand her, that I am trying to force her to be something she is not.” indicating that she is feeling forced to do something she doesn't want to because her mom made the decision and is not giving in to her wishes which reinforces the
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