Lessons Learned By Earl Sewell: Character Analysis

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Have you ever just been so fed up with life and just wanted to give up so that you won't have to deal with your problems anymore? Life just seems to be overwhelming. In the book Lessons Learned, I can connect and relate to the main character. I see similar hardships that the character and I have been through. In the novel, Keyshia goes through several problems such as not seeing eye to eye with her mother, being abandoned by her mom throughout her whole 15 years and not knowing her dad until the age 16, and her younger brother Mike being with a dangerous girl. Keysha, the protagonist of Lesson Learned by Earl Sewell and I are alike in many ways . We both share the same views of the world, are viewed by the world in similar ways and I would respond in a comparable way to the central conflict of the novel. Therefore, I believe given the chance, we could be friends. Keysha views the world as if everybody is against her and there's nobody there to help besides her dad and stepmom. She feels all alone in this cold world with a very cruel mother. Keysha also feels like the court system is…show more content…
For instance, “There’s just one musty-looking sofa over there...I’d go crazy if I had to live in a place that small. I didn’t even see a bathroom in there. That place is too small for one person, let alone four people”, (145). The world also views her as possibly being a drug addict or affiliated with drugs. For instance, “...my enemy Liz Lloyd, who planted drugs on me, and the court case that could have put me behind bars” (9). Lastly, the world views her as being conceited Her step-brother views her as being a drama queen because he feels that she gets all the attention and he doesn’t anymore because he is the only child. For example, “I know you’re not thinking about putting Keyshia before me...I was here first remember, I’m your son”,
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