Lessons Learned During The Holocaust

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The Holocaust one one of the most meaningful, sorrowful and poignant events in all of history. Even though it was a horrific experience for millions of people there are things that we can learn from it to make our world today a better place. We can reflect on the things that have been done to millions of people and we can hear the different stories of their experience, but nothing can be as impactful of actually being there, experiencing those things.

One of the most imperative lessons that we have learned during this unit was to be an upstanders and don’t let things slide by you even though you know that they are not ok. Being an upstander is not just saying no to someone or saying that something is not ok. It is standing up for what 's right and actually making a voice in a crowd of silence. An example of an upstander was
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The last thing that we read was a book called Sunflower. This entire book is about forgiveness and how people at able to forgive people for things as unacceptable as the Holocaust. I wasn’t really surprised that Simon after hearing Carl’s story still didn 't forgive him. In Simon’s position I would have done the same and walked away. After hearing what he did to those Jewish people in the building would have mind- blowing and extremely appealing to me. I would have either said “no” or just walked away. This is a big thing that happened after the Holocaust, the Jews were left with this horrible experience and lifetime of sorrow while some Nazi’s felt extreme bad for what they did. Some Nazi’s wanted to forgive the Jewish people for the heinous acts they committed, but the majority of the Jewish population would never forgive the Nazi’s. This is such a burdensome thing to come across and try to deal with because of the magnitude of the situation. If you at a Jewish person and you forgive a Nazi, it’s like saying that it is ok that they killed 6 million people. It would just be so hard to be both a NAzi or a Jewish person in that
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