Lessons Learned From The Holocaust

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We learn new lessons every day, from different people we are with, whether they are wise or foolish. History usually begins with the tragic causes of certain events, and those causes are recorded throughout history. We, as teens, must know that these incidents shouldn 't happen again, but throughout the world, there are events that are similar to these, as Mark Twain states, “History doesn 't repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” We have learned about the Phenomenon of the world, and sometimes do nothing about it. We usually act as bystanders, to avoid the conflict that may arise. This reflects on how we stood in silence and let the guards do their duty.
It is not just as simple to keep these lives as a small incident or memory. Simply remembering the dead for history is not considerate. Some good must arise from the horrible tragedy that killed millions of innocent Jews, so it 's quite essential to be grateful for our
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It is vital that our generation as well as the future generations are aware of the genocide that occurred during the holocaust and take lessons learned from this event in history, to make sure that history doesn 't repeat itself . It is vital that the remembrance, history, and lessons of the Holocaust be passed to new generations so that others can learn about our inner evil as humans. As a member of this generation, we must use the lessons learned from the Holocaust and apply them to our lives, in order to prevent violence and discrimination, which is still occurring today as a
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