Lessons Learned In A Lesson Before Dying

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“He wanted to run, but he couldn't run. He couldn't even think.” A lesson before dying is set in a small cajun community in the late 1940s. Our main character Jefferson is caught as an unwitting member of a liquor store shootout where he what's the only survivor, and for his crime is sentenced to death by electrocution even though he did not commit the crime. Grant Wiggins persuaded by his and Jefferson's grandmother goes to visit Jefferson to help him apart from his past and to help him walk. A lesson before dying teaches a valuable lesson of becoming a man and although Jefferson does learn a lesson,Grant learns the better lesson due to the characterization that is portrayed.
Grant Wiggins is a educated and sophisticated young man. He speaks very educated in terms of speaking and thinking but is very arrogant. Grant is also very selfish for example when the Reverend says “ You ever think of anybody but yourself?” Every time he visited Jefferson he came out less and less selfish and arrogant. Grant learned his lesson ultimately expressed by characterization in The lesson before dying.
In a small Cajun community The late 1940s there's bound to be signs of racism and diverse tensions towards African-Americans. Grant faced forms of racism throughout the whole book. One example can be when Grant went to Henri
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When Grant first visited all Jefferson believes that was is a “hog”. Throughout grants visits, Jefferson soon comes to understand that he is not a “hog”. At the end of the execution he was able to walk proudly to the chair and when asked if he had any final words he said “Tell nannan that I walked”. Although Jefferson surely learned it was actually Grant who learned the better lesson because without Grant, Jefferson wouldn't of been able to walk proudly to his
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