Lessons Learned In A Sit-In Case Study

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There were 4 freshman students at North Carolina A &T State University that staged a “sit-in” at a whites-only lunch counter in Greensboro, N.C. These 4 men Joseph McNeil, David Richmond, Franklin McCain, and Ezell Blair were denied service and refused to leave the establishment. The Sit in occurred on Monday, February 1st in 1960. They remain at the lunch counter until the business closed. They then started recruiting people to help them wit their cause. The next day 29 men and women stage another sit in at the F.W Woolworth store. They sat there for 4 hours while others point abusive comments their way. But these students continued to act peacefully and kept studying. When this hit the news students all over the US began staging sit-ins as well. The men asked the company asking the They staged this sit in to challenge the policies on segregation. On the sit in movement webpage it says that the breakpoint for the group was when McNeil we denied service when at a bus station. These men wanted to be the starters of changes. They needed to take action, be the spark.…show more content…
The company responded back to the students that their policy was “to abide by the local custom” NY Thursday there were more than 300 students at the sit in from 4 surrounding colleges. There were even a few white supporters. Police were there to keep everybody in check and do crowd control. Students not able to make it into the Woolworth store went over and sat in at the S.H. Kris and Co counters. Community leaders and people for the two stores got together to talk and the stores refused to desegregate the counters because there were stores/restaurants downtown that were still segregated as well. So as long as those were they would remain as
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