Lessons Learned In Howard Schultz's Pour Your Heart Into It

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Worldwide, people live differently. Seldom do you find individuals from different regions sharing the same tastes, preferences, and views on life. However, despite this variations, personal values are significant in determining how people live and whom they become in life. Through the course, I have been able to learn various lessons regarding people. The success of the course is attributed to Howard Schultz 's book, “Pour Your Heart Into It.” This paper explains different lessons that I have learned throughout the course.
Currently, I am better knowledge-wise than I was before undertaking this course especially the Grantham experience. One aspect that I have learned is how people behave around the world. Human beings tend to have a natural fear of failure (Rippin, 2015). They often do not want to be seen as being unsuccessful in their undertakings or life in general. As a result, they will strive to emerge victorious irrespective of the odds that might exist against them. This is exemplified by Schultz. He says that it is the fear of failure that drove him at first to try and come out of the Brooklyn environment in
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However, I still want to learn many other new things. Specific factors to learn are decision-making and communication skills. This is because making decisions is a tough process since it requires one to choose between various conflicting options and in the end not regret the choice made (Rippin, 2015). Learning about decision-making process will help me to understand the risks involved in making right choices. To be able to make bold choices such as Howard Schultz 's decision to leave Starbucks, it needs a lot of considerations and careful analysis. I also want to learn communication skills so as to enhance my communication abilities with different people. This is because certain situations call for particular means of communication that might be unique only to those

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