Lessons Learned In My Writing

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I used to have terrible handwriting. In my life, my handwriting has changed several different times due to the criticism of several different teachers. But when I first started to learn how to write is something I could never forget. I overcame the obstacle of learning how to write correctly, got better at writing, and realized that I couldn’t stop since then.

In kindergarten we were learning about handwriting. We acquired some very long rectangular notebooks to practice our print penmanship and we had 20 minutes to spell and practice writing our name, and assigned some words to go over. In a class of 15, our teacher Mrs. Jones would observe us by strolling slowly past our tiny desks to see how we were doing. Mrs. Jones was both affectionate yet stern with us. Giving comments such as, “Write on the lines baby!” and , “Try not to write too large!” I had a habit of writing my words together closely while also making my letter drastically enormous. Mrs. Jones just so happened to saunter her way to my desk, smacks my hand giving it a shone of red, and gave me an unforgettable lecture of neatness and responsibility. “Maxwell, I love you but you have poor handwriting! Start over and try again because your words are just colliding into each other!” The look on my face might 've been priceless to her. I was seething with
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I practiced everyday at home to test my speed on how tidy and fast I could write. To this day, I do not know if my parents caught on, but I used them to practice my handwriting as well. “Mama! Can I write your food list? Tell me how to spell it!” I announced with the utmost energy almost every two weeks. Day after day I would practice how to write certain words that we were assigned. Sometimes skipping play time with my friends to do “homework” that I made up myself. A couple weeks if not a month had passed and I had truly improved my
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