Lester B. Pearson's Universal Health Care In Canada

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Programs such as the Canadian pension plan, universal health care and student loans, all exist because of Lester B. Pearson. Mr. Pearson wanted to help Canadians by introducing programs that would support them both finically and physically. He proposed the pension plan to aide seniors once they retire, a pension plan provides partial income replacements for seniors who retire at the age of 65. This program was very effective hence it still continues to help seniors around Canada today. After the CPP was introduced Canadian seniors received additional income which helped them improve their living conditions, helped them pay for expenses and overall helped them lead a better life after retirement which was a lot considering the living situations during that that time period.…show more content…
The health care system provides benefits for Canadians such as covering costs for doctor’s visits, treatments and basically all care besides medical drugs. Likewise, this program was also very successful and effective therefore it still is apart of one of the many benefits given to

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