Lester Bowles Pearson Biography

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“It has too often been too easy for rulers and governments to incite man to war.” -Lester Bowles Pearson. He was the 14th Prime Minister of Canada between the years of 1963-1968. Pearson was born on April 23, 1897 in Newtonbrook, Ontario. Even though he lived until age of 75, he wouldn’t have lived that much longer since he had cancer and our technology back then wasn 't as good as it is now. Therefore, he passed away on December 27, 1972 at age 75 in Ottawa, Ontario. Lester Pearson’s father was a Methodist minister, and his mother was from the Liberal party. He had a younger brother and an older brother. Later on in life, he married Maryon Pearson. They gave birth to a son, whose name was Geoffrey Arthur Holland Pearson, who eventually added…show more content…
The fact that his brother helped out, he wanted to volunteer even more eager to help as well in the war. Unfortunately, the timing of his liking was bad, because the war became more intense. In the city of Toronto, Pearson enrolled at Victoria University in 1913 at the age of sixteen, which was too young to volunteer to join the military forces. He also attended St John 's College in Oxford, and McGill University. Afterward, on April 23rd, 1915, Lester Pearson joined the University of Toronto’s hospital unit and became part of the Canadian Army Medical Corps and left the country a while later. After two years of helping, serving and supporting in England, Egypt, and Greece, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. During World War I, the Royal Flying Corps was the air arm of the British Army. Unluckily, he had two accidents happen to him throughout this time period. One of these were, being run over by a bus in London, and had to return to Canada. Therefore, his career in the military field has been put to a stop, therefore, he went back to school and studied about history and came out to get the degree to be able to teach history in…show more content…
From 1945-1946, Lester was chosen to be the ambassador to the United States. In September 1948, Lester Pearson became minister of external affairs and eventually spoke on behalf of Algoma East, Ontario, in the House of Commons. Throughout this time period, he helped lead Canada in the Korean War as a support to the United Nations(UN) army. In 1949, at the founding of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), he represented Canada. Surprisingly, in 1951, he became the chairman of that organization. The next outstanding event in his life was in 1956, when he proposed a UN peacekeeping force for reducing the British and French out of Egypt during the Suez Crisis. As a result of doing this, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957.In that same year, the Liberal was defeated in the election for the next Prime minister. After this happened, Pearson began to rebuild the party. When it came around to the next election, he made it clear that he would use warheads if they were necessary. Six years later, the Liberals won the election with Pearson becoming Prime Minister which he won with a minority
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