Let America Be America Again, By Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes and America
Langston Hughes, as renowned poet, a leader during the Harlem Renaissance, and a man of color, had written poetry during a particularly difficult time for people of color. Considered a founding father of Jazz Poetry, using various techniques, and styles of poetry to convey story in a rhythmic style.
Many of Hughes’ poems focus heavily on America or the American dream. While reading “Let America be America again” it is evident that this poem is a description of the American Dream, “Let it be the dream it used to be. Let it be the pioneer on the plain Seeking a home where he himself is free.” Seeking a home where he himself is free, it is never said that the person who yearns to be free is of a certain skin tone, or of a certain background. This
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During times of segregation in this country white people did not fully understand how much those who were not “of the appropriate skin tone”, or appropriate country of origin pined for a shot at the American Dream. While some people did understand completely, and had full knowledge of how the people of color felt, they continued to treat them with (people of color) with malice. In the work it is stated that if those (non-whites) wanted equity, that it is up to them. Meaning if they wanted a better future, and they wanted to be treated justly; they need(ed) to fight.
This work so richly conveys the struggle that people faced during the old America. Something this poem did, is that it made the fascists realize that they are no different than the people of a different skin tone, Langston Hughes wrote that the so called “All Americans” technically weren’t all America, because of their ancestors. That was something that many people did not think about during the period of hatred that America went
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