Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes Analysis

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Many people around the world come to America for a better life. America “land of the free” is known for its vast opportunities and equality for all individuals. Although if we look back in history, there was a time where living in America did not welcome opportunities or equality for all individuals. Many dealt with this hardship by protesting. One means of protesting was writing. Writers took their pens to paper and expressed words to combat the massive oppression, discrimination, and racism that was being faced by many. One such writer was Langston Hughes. He was an inspirational African American poet trying to become accepted during the segregation of the 1930s. During his life he wrote many poems expressing his views on America around him. In response to the segregation of many ethnicities, Hughes wrote “Let America Be America Again”. This poem reveals although immigrants and minorities seek opportunities and equality, they cannot achieve the dream unless they…show more content…
He was hoping his father would let him attend Columbia University. Initially, his father wanted him to attend university abroad to study engineering and was eager to provide financial assistance if he did. Hughes studied engineering in Columbia in 1921 but left a year later because of racial prejudice and was more interested in Harlem so he continued writing poetry. Once he moved to Washington, D.C., he started writing about the lives of blacks and the lives of many in the lower social-economic divisions. Hughes’ work grew tremendously and became a big influence during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. Harlem Renaissances

Hughes’s creative genius was influenced by his life in Harlem. His work helped shape America literature and politics. He had a strong sense of racial pride. In any work he has done, he promoted equality and condemned racism and injustice and celebrated who he was as an African
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