Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes

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“We must bring back our mighty dream again,” said by Langston Hughes. That quote from “Let America be America Again” means everybody in America has a dream and some feel they can’t have a chance to achieve it because of the inequalities in America. Also, Walt Whitman’s poem, “I Hear America Singing,” ties in with the quote because they are working at a lower scaled job, but they are happy. They are happy because they feel that they are experiencing the American dream. Although the poems are about the American dream, Whitman’s characters feel happy, but Hughes’ feels aggravated that they can’t achieve their dream. These poems are both discussing the american dream. About the opportunities in America. Langston Hughes was writing his poem at a later time than Whitman, so Hughes studied Whitman’s poems and used his techniques. With the studying of Whitman, Hughes’ incorporated some of Whitman’s techniques into his poem “Let America be America be America Again”. Also, the poets listed individuals,…show more content…
Langston Hughes’ poem is a very aggravated poem. He feels left out of the American Dream, but Walt Whitman feels that he is experiencing the American dream. That could be because the poems were written at different time periods the perspectives of the poets were different. When “ I Hear America Singing” was written it was the mid 1800’s, however when “ Let America be America Again” was written it was the mid 1900’s . With the different time periods citizens had different expectations of their jobs and their lives. Also, the purpose of “ I hear America singing” was to celebrate and appreciate the workers. But, the purpose of “ Let America be America Again” was to inform the public about the inequalities in America, such as former slaves working but never
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