Let America Be America By Langston Hughes: Poem Analysis

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The Expectations Of A Free America America has always been perceived as a land of opportunity and freedom for the many immigrants who traveled to this wide unknown land. America seemed to be consistent in becoming a country where everyone was accepted however, this was contrary for African Americans. After America gained independence and slavery was abolished, the divide between Whites and African Americans still stood. Many African Americans were not given favor for jobs, schooling, and many other opportunities. This journey of pain and perseverance is portrayed through the Langston Hughes poem, “ Let America Be America.” Hughes uses the inequality that still stands in the “free” America to voice that everyone should be equal. Hughes uses various allusions to portray the didactic meaning of the poem that the statements of a free America for everyone, is far from the truth. Making allusions to certain instances, in African American history provided a way for Hughes’ audience to understand his underlying thought. Throughout the formation of the America today, African Americans have been discriminated starting from their beginning as slaves. Hughes describes African Americans during this time period as, “the Negro(s) bearing slavery’s scars.”(20) and, “ the…show more content…
The allusions used various aspects of America in order to tell the story of the hardships that African Americans had faced. African Americans lack of basic rights during this time period in a place where everyone is considered, “free” is frustrating and created anger. African Americans should be considered as an equal citizen, they seemed to have found a home in a place where hopes and a better future was not there. Hughes wanted to convey that America should be free for all, and stand by its motto instead, of restricted for
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