Let America Be Great Again Analysis

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In “Let America Be Great Again”, Langston Hughes sets a tone of anger, sarcasm, and hope. He expresses that America is not what it seems to be to everyone; especially those that are economically and socially challenged or deprived. Hughes began the poem by saying, “Let it be the dream it used to be. Let it be the pioneer on the plain.” He also says that America was never America to him. This is derived from the fact that the African Americans, Native Americans, and other nationalities suffered from slavery and were brought from their native land to this foreign terrain. They were treated as property; traded and sold based on their nationalities and were not considered as equal human beings. In the third line of the poem where Hughes says, “Let it be the pioneer on the plain”, he is touching on the fact that certain people were not considered…show more content…
The theme is isolation. There is a disconnect among the couple in the poem. You can clearly see the metaphorical wall between the two growing. Larkin coveys’ that they both are feeling isolated, not only from the world but from each other in their own bed. Larkin uses imagery when he states “dark towns heap up on the horizon”. He is using negative natural imagery to convey that the couple is not feeling a sense of serenity. The speaker questions why the relationship is failing, and how long has it been that way. Larkin portrays how easy talking was in the first stanza. By the time, we reach the second stanza, things have changed. Larkin writes, "more time passes silently.” The poet has seemed to have lost his love her his partner. Larkin’s also expresses that it is difficult to communicate with his partner and says things that are “unkind”. There is also irony within the title of the poem alone, “talking in bed”. From the dialog, there is no talking between the two in the poem. The poem is more about the lack of communication or not “talking” in
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