Let It Snow Theme Essay

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In this breathtaking novel of three teen romances’, Let It Snow, John Green is joined with two Humorous authors Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle to capture the magic of the holidays. As each of these stories intertwines you get a sense of the passion that each writer is trying to reveal. This romance offers a brilliant contrast in writing techniques between the authors as well as diverse themes. Although theses writers were able to depict a contrast in themes, the story has one underlying message that is set throughout the novel. Each author is able to articulate the idea that happiness derives from love.
The theme of happiness transpiring from love is expressed in many ways throughout the story. In, “jubilee express”, author Maureen Johnson delivers the essential theme in many instances. An example of the central theme is presented when the main character jubilee mends her broken heart with her new found love Stuart. In chapter 10 page 116 Jubilee states, “ He stepped forward, lifted my chin, and kissed me. Kissed me, kissed me”. The kiss may seem irrelevant but it represents the deeper feelings jubilee holds for Stuart. The bliss that jubilee experiences, reflects the
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In her short story, “The Patron Saint of Pigs”, Lauren implies the central message in a much diverse approach than the two other novelists. The main character, Addie, undergoes a terrible breakup with her boyfriend of two years. This devastating experience caused Addie to see things in a much different light. In chapter 6 Addie states, “ people change for each other all the time.” Addie has her mind set on having a happily ever after with her ex-boyfriend Jeb. She believes that if you want happiness from your relationship you both must be willing to change. Unlike the two other stories Addie is not only left with a broken heart but a new perspective of how love brings
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