Let Kids Know It's Ok To Lose Persuasive Essay

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Should every young athlete get a trophy? “Forget Trophies, Let Kids Know It’s O.K. to Lose” written by Ashley Merryman believes that kids should not be always rewards a trophy. This article effectively persuades readers to believe that kids should not be trophy that it’s ok to lose and that overpraising a child can have negative on them. The author uses logos to appeal to the audience and supports her claim by using inductive reason and scientific studies she has found. The author makes the uses of logos by using inductive reason at the start of the article. According to Merryman, “If children always receive a trophy regardless of effort or achievement – we’re teaching kids that losing is so terrible that we can never let it happen.” And the reason why the author is against the idea of giving kids trophies is…show more content…
to lose, to make a mistake.” And we learn the most through failure. Merryman continues on with her argument by using multiplies different types studies she has found.
Merryman also use multiple scientific studies she has found to help her prove her point. One of the many studies Merryman has found that overpraising a child on their actions can have negative effects on them especially the ones with high self-esteem:” In a longitudinal study, when parents regularly overpraised their children’s performances, their children were more likely to be narcissistic two years later.” And while others have
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