Let The Great World Spin Essay

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Let the Great World Spin: Challenging but Worthy
Let the Great World Spin is a fiction book written by author Colum McCann in the style of a memoir. The book is manly set in New York City and tells the stories of many of its citizens leading up to Philipe Petite’s famous wire walk across the twin towers. The book talks about many characters and the struggles that life has put them through. How they 're trying to cope with life after traumatic events. Often times throughout the book it can be quite challenging to understand how these characters all tie together in the book but this only adds to the books interest and makes it a worthwhile read for anyone studying the subject of 9/11. The novel written by Colum McCann was written in memoir
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Another good example is when Gloria decides to take in Jazzlyn 's daughters after their mother has died in the car accident. These and more things that the characters do throughout the book make this book a worthwhile for anyone who has lost hope humanity because it 's full of many inspirational stories full of people helping out of the goodness of their hearts and not because they want something in return. Let the Great World Spin is made up of many different stories and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming and a reader can get lost in the commotion of all the characters so when reading it one can have trouble digesting all the information. Even with all the different things going on the other constantly goes make to the same thing the wire walker and the World Trade Center. McCann’s story tries to show the importance of the towers and the effect they had on people after the wire walker did his famous walk. The beauty of this event and the towers before they were destroyed on 9/11 a tragedy the almost everyone around the world remembers vividly. McCann tries to remind people of its beauty and the happy times before the towers were destroyed and how Petit 's walk the characters in his book. This is what makes the book a worthwhile read because it also those who read it of a time before the sadness of the tragedy affect the
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