Let The People Decide Moye Analysis

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African Americans have faced many economic, political, and social confrontations throughout American history. The race dealt with hostile environments, segregations, and oppression. J. Todd Moye’s, Let the People Decide, captures problems with schools and concerns toward political class and race in the early 1960’s to the 1980’s, while capturing a twist that Sunflower County, located in northwestern Mississippi, was able to produce peace within their region, while facing difficult setbacks from white political figures who continued to want to persecute them, within the most repressive counties in the Mississippi. Sunflower County symbolized the narrow-mindedness of white supremacy within the racial South. J. Todd Moye argued racial problems…show more content…
Consequently, Sunflower County was known as one of the worst counties on the subject of racial discrimination. Moye explained how with a decline in the need of sharecroppers many African Americans found it difficult to acquire a job. Consequently many Africans moved to find work in other cities. The author explains the racial discrimination occurrences within his text to explain the detrimental state of the poor community. For example, boycotts began to break out within white businesses. Black schools in Sunflower County were known to be severely underfunded, going without busses and necessary school supplies. Majority of the poor African American children did not attend school due to the need to cultivate crops and pick cotton for their family. Furthermore, these less advantaged African citizens made approximately seventy percent of the population, however the poor African American percentage maintained absent of a middle class. Sunflower County was divided between desired citizenship and constant denial for civil rights. J. Todd Moye captures radical racism through the circumstances of political powers such as U.S. senator James O. Eastland, a multimillionaire Citizen Council member, who desired to maintain racial
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