Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

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This week we started reading W.J.T. Mitchell’s A Photographic Essay: Four Case Studies. As I began reading this essay, I knew immediately that it would be a difficult one. I read carefully and searched the definitions of many terms in attempt to fully comprehend the ideas expressed by Mitchell. First, I would like to key in on the pages that were assigned to our individual groups for our group projects, and explain the process I went through to fully understand and comprehend the reading that was assigned. Then, I will explain the three pictures that my group and I chose for our power point and explain why we chose them.
This part of the essay that our group was assigned is 10 pages that elaborate on a book called Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee. When I first read this section I was a bit confused because I never
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She looked exasperated in her pose, with her hand on her head. We chose this photo because it was similar to the photo that some describe as the “Mona Lisa of the depression.” We plan to approach this photo with similar implications that Mitchell did. We will bring in one of our key terms “aesthetics” and elaborate on how it connects to this image, as well as the next image we chose. A family of six including a grandmother and two toddlers. We chose this image to bring a different perspective into our presentation. With six people in the picture it is a bit easier to analyze and find differences between the photos. Also, we get to imagine the lives of these six individuals rather than one, and imagine the story behind this family and how they the great depression effected them. The last image is a picture of an old, rugged pair of boots just chilling in the dirt. We chose this photo to bring even more diversity to our presentation instead of only analyzing pictures of people, we also decided to analyze the picture of these
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