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Firing Squad Over Lethal Injection Many people think that inmates who are death row need to be put to death by means of lethal injection. However, there are many reasons why a firing squad should be used instead. It is actually more humane, less costly, and the odds of something going wrong are much less than a lethal injection. The first reason of it being more humane, makes more sense looking deeper into the idea. The use of lethal injection will take a much longer time than a firing squad. In some cases, it has taken up close to two full hours for the person to finally succumb to death. A firing squad would take just seconds for the person to die. If multiple people with automatic weapons all fire at one singular target, it would be extremely fast. It is very inhumane to make someone die extremely slowly, especially for hours at a time. There is a huge misconception about how lethal injection is very humane and why everything else is cruel. Many people think that because there is no bloodshed in the process of killing, that it is more humane. However, it is obvious that if it takes someone almost two full hours to die, compared to a few seconds of bloodshed, it is more humane to use the firing squad. Next, the cost between the…show more content…
There have been cases in which people have shook uncontrollably for a long time before passing away. Also, mentioned before, it has taken some people almost a full two hours before the person passes away. A firing squad, even though there is bloodshed, is much safer. If one gun misfires, there are still other people there, so the odds of many guns misfiring at one time is very unlikely. This shows the odds of something really going wrong during a firing squad compared to lethal injection is interesting. This is why a firing squad is much safer than lethal

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