Acrylamide Essay

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Successful treatment of acute high lethal dose of Acrylamide poisoning Acrylamide has cellular oxidative effects and is classified as 2A carcinogens in human being. Acute or chronic poisonings with this agent happens due to skin, respiratory or oral contacts. Clinical manifestations depend on dose, contact duration and frequency. Management of these patients consists of conservative and palliative therapies for reducing of oxidative effects. Minimal lethal dose of acrylamide is less than 500 mg/kg in adults. We successfully managed of an acute intentional poisoning with high lethal dose of acrylamide. Key words: acrylamide, acute poisoning, treatment, lethal dose. Introduction: Acrylamide (C3H5NO) is a vinyl monomer, water soluble crystalin solid, colorless, odorless agent with molecular weight 71.08 g/mol (1-3). It is used for production of polyacrylamide is an agent which is used in paper manufactures, wastewater treatment, grouting factor for seam upping of tunnels and…show more content…
One hour there after retractable vomiting appeared but she concealed her suicide attempt so she was treated with probability of Gastroenteritis. About 15 hours thereafter delusion, hallucination, gate disorders and speaking difficulties became apparent and she was referred to a hospital. Emergency room physician during history taking find the truth and the patient referred again to the Sina hospital toxicology center of Tabriz University of medical sciences. The patient had slurred speech, ataxy, vertigo, midsize pupil reactive to light , resting tremor , reduced muscle forces and Deep tendon reflexes were reduced( in addition to initial symptoms and signs).Her vital signs were : BP= 80/50mmHg, PR= 78 beat/min, RR= 18/min and BT=
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